The Dunlop SP431 is a deep treaded drive tyre for both line haul and regional haul on-highway applications. The performance of the Dunlop SP431 provides great value for many fleet operators looking to reduce their cost per kilometre. The tread pattern features tie bar reinforcement to minimise tread squirm and aid the development of an even wear profile.

The large twin shoulder lugs provide traction on a range of surfaces in wet and dry weather conditions. The tapered groove shape allows for effective water clearance and stone ejection.

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  • Provides wet and dry traction on hard and soft surfaces
  • Effective stone ejection and water clearance
  • Promotes long and even tread wear


  • Twin block shoulder lugs
  • Tapered groove shape
  • Tie-bars in tread channels

Available Sizes

  • 11R22.5