The makers of the Goodyear Assurance have gone a step further to deliver the fuel efficient, long lasting ride of the Assurance Fuel Max®.

At the heart of the Fuel Max is an advanced silica tread compound, engineered on a molecular level to deliver low rolling resistance without compromising noise, comfort or performance. Other advancements in service life include a structure that provides even pressure across the width of the tyre and DuPont Kevlar® for extra protection against road irregularities. The resulting tyre boasts reduced fuel consumption and increased mileage - which all amounts to savings for you.

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  • Reduced fuel consumption and longer tread life.
  • Added protection against road hazards.
  • Increased tread life.


  • Fuel Saving Tread Compound. The silica tread compund provides high abrasion resistance and low intra-molecular friction.
  • The Assurance Fuel Max is reinforced by DuPont Kevlar, this remarkable substance maintains stiffness and strength - even under high temperature conditions when the tyre is in motion.
  • The Assurance Fuel Max's tyre shape provides even pressure distribution arcoss the width of the tyre, reducing frictional energy at the tread surface.

Available Sizes

  • 205/60R16 92V