A passenger tyre for small, medium and family cars, the Assurance ArmorGrip holds the road with the confidence you and your family need for everyday motoring.

The 3-dimensional waffle blades of ArmorGrip technology have lead this tyre to perform exceptionally well in cornering and braking tests by Choice magazine. This tyre demonstrates an impressively low vehicle stopping distance, especially in the wet.

A layer of Dupont Kevlar® protects against road hazards - with 5 times the strength of steel for superior durability. The sidewall is reinforced by Durawall rubber to resist against common cuts and tears.

Look forward to longer tread life when you get your new Assurance ArmorGrip tyres fitted by a Dunlop team member.

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  • Utilises a layer of DuPontTM Kevlar® for outstanding durability, with waffle blade technology for maximised traction, handling and grip.
  • Improved braking, cornering and handling in wet and dry conditions. Helps to reduce rolling resistance, which can improve fuel economy.
  • Utilising a layer of high strength rubber in the sidewall of the tyre for extra strength and to help resist impact damage.


  • ArmorGrip Technology
  • Silica compound
  • Durawall Technology

Available Sizes

  • 205/60R16 92V