R1W Rear tractor drive tyre designed for top performance in heavy wet soils


  • Promotes excellent self cleaning tread action
  • Excellent traction in both wet and dry soils
  • Can cater for todays modern equipment and field conditions


  • 45 degree lug angles
  • Up to 25% deeper tread than conventional r-1 tyres
  • Strong casing and belt package

Available Sizes

  • 11.2R20 111A8/108B TL STR GY Rolling circumf.=02986
  • 12.4R32 122A8/119B TL STR GY Rolling circumf.=04045
  • 420/85R34 147A8/B TL STR GY Rolling circumf.=04717
  • 480/80R46 158A8/B TL STR GY Rolling circumf.=05847
  • 520/85R46 158A8/B TL STR GY Rolling circumf.=06149